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We have toys to take care of all your anal needs. Whether you are you looking for a tail butt plug to cosplay as your favorite fursona or a Jeweled toy to make your ass glisten, we've got you covered. The ButtPlugger catalog is incredibly vast, containing anal plugs of all shapes, colors, and sizes. We have the right toys for you regardless of whether you are a first time amateur looking for the smallest of plugs or if your are a veteran, searching for the giant of your dreams. 

What is a Buttplug?

A buttplug is a sex toy designed especially for anal use. Buttplugs generally have three main parts. A bulb, a stem, and a stopper. While the bulb and stem are inserted into the anus, the stopper prevents the toy from being swallowed up into the body. The stopper has flanged ends, making buttplugs safer for anal use than dildos or fruits.

History of Buttplugs

Dr. Young’s Rectal Dilators from 1893 are the first recorded buttplugs in history. They were made of rubber and weren't intended as a sex toy, but rather as a medical tool. The dilators were advertised as being able to solve a whole list of problems, ranging from constipation to acne.

Buttplugs started gaining popularity in the 1960s when a German woman by the name of Beate Uhse opened the world's first sex toy shop. Demand for anal sex toys climbed further in the 1990s, as silicone toys came into the market, greatly increasing the quality of what is available.

Today, you have a huge selection of different types of anal toys to choose from, ranging from material, to size, shape, or visual appeal.

Types of Buttplugs

You can choose a buttplug by material or by the stopper.


    There are rubber derivative buttplugs, made of silicone, rubber, PVC, or latex.
    There are metal buttplugs, usually made of stainless steel.
    And there are glass buttplugs, which are made of glass or crystal.


    There are buttplugs with a crystal gem on the end.
    There are buttplugs with a tail.

Sizes of Buttplugs

Most butt plugs come in a small, medium, or large size. As a beginner, sticking to a smaller sized toy is easier to get used to, but as anal becomes your passion, you will find that you crave larger and larger sizes. There are of course specialty extra large butt plugs, incase you ever truly feel like getting fisted.

How to Use Buttplugs

A lot of lube, patience, and starting small are the best way to get used to anal plugs.

We recommend lubing up the toy and the anus it is going to be inserted into. When ready, have the receiver inhale, as you very slowly and gently press the butt plug into the anus, past the bulb. Biology should take care of the rest. Just make sure not to push passed the stopper. The stopper should remain on the outside.

How to Take Care of your Buttplugs

Each buttplug material has it's own care instructions. Generally speaking, always wash your toys after use and don't share them between people. You can find more specific care instructions for each material on the relevant page.

Be forewarned, silicone-based lube destroys silicone plugs.